Friday, August 19, 2011

Looking for Sales at Different stores

I like to look at the flyers every weekend to see what's on sale . But now you can view them online or get them emailed to you which I love that ! So now I just get emails with the ads . I buy everything on sale always. And when I go to the store for one thing I always look through different aisles to see what else is on sale . I learned the hard way don't wait and say you'll go back for it next time. Because next time it won't be there ,lol When I took the kids school shopping we went to jcpenney's and I saved like $200 . I just bought everything that was on sale and then if you spent so much you got so much off . I think I got $20 off so then the price of sale items go down even more . My kids even know how to shop and what to look for . They know me to well when it comes to shopping .

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